About Us

DomGyr is a Pakistan-based agency dedicated to offering high-quality services to its customers. Our professionals are level 2 pro-verified sellers on practically all servicing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancing, Guru, and others, and we serve both local and foreign clients. We are a group of dedicated young people who are specialists in their fields and are constantly improving. We now have a team of more than 20 employees working on all of the below-mentioned areas. These 20 are experts in their fields.
We are located in Sargodha, Pakistan. Our address is on contact page, feel free to visit us.

Who We Are

Founded by Wajeh Kazmi in 2017, Domgyr is a Dedicated Team of more than 20 employees.

We are prepared to help you with everything you need for your business. We work with practically every e-commerce site, including Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and Etsy. More than 20 of the stores we built are up and operating, producing cash for their owners. Our staff will assist you with creating original brand logos, social media marketing, and graphic design. We are available 24/7, connect with us and grow yourself.

Hola! Meet the Founder

Wajeh Kazmi​

Being a founder is not something to be proud and happy on until we have achieved something , But Being a leader with vision and ability to lead his team to its destiny is my Goal and that will be my real happiness ONE DAY. I’m a team player specialized in Business/E commerce Consultancy with the vision to be one of the best service providing Agency ONE DAY! My team is energetic and Pro-Active to achieve my special ONE DAY vision with me and we will lead the market together. ONE DAY dream is big but we have plans and strategies ready and we will achieve it with perfect Mentors and Management.
My Area of interest/Expertise:
Amazon Private label(Core)
Marketing Strategist/Planner(Establishing a brand)
Team Leading/Management

Our Team

They All Joined Us!

We know Quality is Key, and we can't compromise on it.

Zaeem Kazmi

Partner | Managing Director | Amazon Consultant | Dropshipping Expert

“Success only comes to those who dare to attempt”

A managerial position tends to lead a team, manage different tasks, and how to interact within a professional environment!!
We’re a team handling multiple Dropshipping accounts in different Markets i.e USA, UK, Canada and Germany also; with more than 2 years of experience.

Always ready for new challenges and to explore new Markets.

mian Rehan

Partner | Amazon FBA Consultant | Amazon Account Creation Expert | FBA Wholesale Expert

I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.

Haris Ali

Partner | Dropshipping Expert
I believe in doing the right things that is my character and personality.
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