Case Study (28 February 2023)Amazon UK Marketplace

To fully understand the performance of your Amazon PPC campaigns, it’s essential to focus on key metrics that will provide valuable insights.
✔️ We GRAPHED our performance to get the RIGHT THINGS RIGHT. We wanted to make sure that we were optimizing our campaigns for the RIGHT keywords, targeting the RIGHT audience, and using the RIGHT bidding strategies. The Results were not good at the start, but eventually the SALES PUMPED UP and our Profits Skyrocketed. This was just because proper marketing strategies were implemented and the team worked tirelessly to Improve the Quality of Listing as well as CTR to decrease the ACOS. Additionally, we invested in product improvement, resulting in high-quality offerings that met customer demands and exceeded expectations. It was at this instinct that our Products went OUT OF STOCK in some months because of HUGH sales. We quickly booked a Shipment by AIR to restock our Products. It was a WIN for all of our team members. The increased sales and product restocking not only boosted our revenue but also strengthened our brand reputation in the market. Our team’s hard work and dedication paid off, as we saw a significant increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Case Study
Launch Date: 21 April 2022

Launch Proceeds
Add To Carts: £ 60
VVROs: £ 357
Listing Content + Photography (Once): £ 250
Pixelfy Subscription (Once): £ 25
PPC: £ 1839 (From Launch till date)
Estimated Amount Invested: £ 10000
Estimated Net Profit: £ 8407 (till date)

Overview From Launch to Date

*Sales are low (due to the shipment problems, product went out of stock).

Sale Dashboard

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